开心麻花爆笑舞台剧《婿事待发》洛杉矶站--Spicy Funny Son-in-law

By UCMA (other events)

Saturday, March 28 2020 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

岳父花式“折磨”准女婿 姐妹花为隐瞒真相狂放大招


The father-in-law “tortures” the prospective son-in-law

To conceal the truth, the sister exert their ultimate skills.

When it comes to farce, the whole family is serious!



The elder sister who studies in the United States fails to find her Mr. Right even when she approaches her 30s. One day, when she climbs up a mountain, she makes the acquaintance of Andy, who is nearly 70 years old. The two people fall in love with each other. But when their marriage draws near, the boyfriend offers to visit her parents, but the elder sister is well aware that the age of her boyfriend is an absolute taboo for her traditional family.

To hiding her boyfriend’s identity, the elder sister begs the younger sister to fabricate a lie, to hide the truth from the family. With the emergence of all kinds of figures with different identities, the trouble is getting bigger and bigger and more and more lies are told…


开心麻花——爆笑舞台剧领军品牌 16年28部经典作品 已成为中国时尚舞台剧领军品牌。创造了国内千人大剧场的连演场次之最、观众人次之最、总票房之最。

Mahua Fun Age: a leading brand of comic stage dramas

Having produced 28 classic works over 16 years, Mahua Fun Age has become a leading brand of faddish stage dramas in China and recorded the largest number of consecutive showings, the largest number of viewers and the largest box office grossing among all thousand-person theaters in China.